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Leader and Inspiration

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Shaniqua Cousins: Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Coach, Home Cook Enthusiast, Host, and US Navy Veteran

For over two decades Shaniqua Cousins has been a leader and inspiration to many. She proudly served as a US Navy Sailor for eight and one half years, quickly distinguishing herself as a superb leader, mentor, outstanding manager, and one truly concerned for the betterment of fellow sailors and civilian employees alike.  Shaniqua’s distinctive accomplishments, unrelenting perseverance, and steadfast devotion to duty kept with the highest traditions of the US Naval Service.  Her meritorious service stemmed from October 1997 to April 2006.  To date, she continues to serve her country as a proud member of the Federal Civilian Service.

Since her military career, Shaniqua founded Shaniqua Cousins World Group LLC,  a lifestyle brand offering holistic health, wellness, and coaching resources as well as transformative media content in support of the personal and professional development of individuals and groups.  Shaniqua Cousins World Group, LLC is a Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE) Certified Firm: Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE), and Small Business Enterprise (SBE). 


She is a sought after keynote speaker for conferences, corporate events/meetings, and social gatherings; with numerous topics ranging from purposeful living, life enjoyment, goal achievement, healthy lifestyle habits, and self-improvement.  She has developed concepts that are unique and insightful and provide practical solutions for application to everyday life.  She is also the founder and host of the Women Seeking Purpose Living Dreams Experience, an annual intimate conference experience dedicated to creating an atmosphere that stirs inspiration and ignites transformation with the goals of showcasing, building and encouraging strong female role models.  The flagship location for this experience is Shaniqua’s hometown, Charleston, SC.


As a self-published author, she has authored Life, Experiences, Preparation, and Purpose, a quest for purposeful soul searching that leads to fulfillment in life; Co-authored My Name is Mommy, Stories of Motherhood and the Lessons it Taught;  Most recently, her love for home cooking, health, and wellness led to the release of Shaniqua Cousins Flavored with Love; a collection of homemade recipes, health and wellness suggestions, and fond memories.  She is also the creator of the stationery gift box collection Letters to My Daughter: Moments Captured, Bonds Sealed, in honor of her daughter Jada Cousins (rising film director and producer) and the unbreakable bond they share as mother and daughter.


As a media content creator, she is committed to delivering inspiring, informative, encouraging, as well as, lighthearted, long and short form content through the use of her website, Shaniqua L Cousins social media extensions, Cooking, Coaching, Health & Wellness newsletter, and her Seek Purpose, Live Dreams TV streaming platform and talkshow.  Programming topics across media platforms include cooking, entrepreneurship, family, home, personal development, and wellness.   


As a Certified Health & Life Coach, Shaniqua helps women and men take action and make lasting changes to get amazing transformation in their lives.  Her signature Total Transformation Breakthrough coaching program combines the right system, support, and accountability, to help clients create the beautiful life and optimal health they want in a short period of time. 


At Florida Institute of Technology, she earned her Master of Science degree in Business Administration.  At Southern Illinois University, Shaniqua earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management.  At Health Coach Institute, she earned her Health & Life Coaching Certification.  She is a frequent guest on radio, podcast, and television shows.  She is interviewed by magazine outlets and media personalities across the country, allowing her to share her message of purposeful living.  Shaniqua has undoubtedly become an influential force of her generation and next generation to follow.

Guest Speaker Platforms

Leadership Southern Maryland Class Speaker 

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Leadership Southern Maryland Emerging Leaders 

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Women Inspiring Women Conference

A conference hosted by Jaclyn Miles, CEO of Miles and Chelsey Consulting Services (MCCS).

Theme:  “Helping Others To Rise Up!”

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